KSM Group


KSM GROUP is a private Enterprise Company with the relevant affiliated factories under KARA SAZEH MATIN works in the construction industry and private investment (IPP).
Since establishing in 2000, about 28 projects were implemented and ongoing by KSM group.
In addition, it offers 16 different products and services to its customers which can be outlined as follows:

1 – Building Industry
2 – Road transportation services
3 – tourism industry
4 – Domestic and Foreign Commercial Service.

Over past decade, an important part of KSM group resources are allocated in the domestic market for the construction of Tehran metropolitan, Alborz Province, Kish Island , Ramsar, Royan and Varamin.

KSM Group attempts that all current projects to be constructed with the highest quality to create more value for clients, partners, community and other stakeholders KSM group exports wide range of its competitive quality products and services to the international markets particularly in Europe the Middle East such as Turkey, Iraq, and Belarus.

Construction industry is a major part of the KSM group and most of the resources are dedicated to this industry.
The company has defined 28 different projects and since establishing has offered its high quality technicalEngineering services for building industry.
KSM Tourism and tourism industry Company
Although tourism industry is an infant in KSM group but growing interest of customers in domestic and foreign markets reflect the abilities of the group.
KSM Tourism Company has received international standards from international tourism agencies.
By gaining knowledge and implementing tourism projects the company benefits from financial income.

KSM Group Road Transportation Co.
Despite the short history of our company in road transportation and transit, offering a wide range of high quality services to our customers shows our ability in this industry The Company operates 365 days a year throughout the Middle East transporting a diverse range of products from manufacturing to consumer goods.

KSM Logistics has gained vast experience in handling every type of consignment and load combination, offering a single or multi-drop option to and from any location.

Domestic and Foreign Commercial Service

The main tasks is as follows

1 -supply of raw materials to factories and ongoing projects
2 -supply of products within and outside of the country